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The Delegation of Novatek visits BOMESC


Leonid Mikhelson, President of Novatek, Russia’s one of the largest gas producer and his delegation visited BOMESC on November 11, 2018. They were warmly welcomed by Peng Wencheng, President of BOMESC, Wu Zhanghua, Vice President of BOMESC and Vice President Qiu Panfeng as well as Chief Engineer Dai Chunyang of BOMESC and etc.

Leonid Mikhelson and his delegation were accompanied by President Peng Wencheng, Vice President Wu Zhanghua and Vice President Qiu Panfeng in their visit BOMESC Lingang fabrication yard. From the inspection of the fabrication yard, they gained a deep understanding of the advantages of BOMESC as a module fabricator. And Leonid Mikhelson expressed his intention to further strengthen the cooperation with BOMESC.



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