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MV30 FPSO Topside Module Fabrication Contract Open Ceremony Successfully Held


Tianjin BOMESC Offshore Engineering Company Limited, BOMEC wholly-owned subsidiary, signed FPSO topside module fabrication contract with MODEC, and held the open ceremony inside of structural workshop of Lin’gang fabrication yard. The attendees included BOMESC Vice President Wu Zhanghua and Qiu Panfeng, President Assistant Qi Haiyu, and MODEC Deputy Project Manager Bryan Lai, Project Construction Manager Gwee Kim Tian, Quality Control Manager Rama Srinivas and the other team members. 

MV30 is the eighth FP30 topside module project served for MODEC since 2007, with total weight more than 20,000 tons, the scope of work including more than ten modules such as Seawater Treatment Module, Chemical Injection Package, High Pressure Separation Package, Gas Turbo-Compressor and Risers. The delivery deadline is by October, 2019. The open ceremony for MV30 is an important milestone for this project, and means the construction starts from this milestone.

MV30 project proceed under schedule encourages the company as well as project team with greatly inspires for safety production and construction activities smoothly proceeding.








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